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Official Rules Campaign

Cashback Rewards Program Terms

V.1.0 Applicable from 18.10.2023

These rules (hereinafter referred to as the ”Rules”) set out the terms and conditions of our promotional Cashback Rewards Program (hereinafter referred to as the “Program” or “Campaign”) organized by Capital Financial Services S.A., an e-money institution headquartered in 48 Bd. Iancu de Hunedoara, Crystal Tower building, 6th floor, District 1, Bucharest, Romania, registered with the Trade Register under the number J40/4352/08.04.2011, unique registration number RO22170545, authorized under the authorization of the National Bank of Romania Series IEME no. 001/25.04.2013 (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer” or the “Issuer” or “we/us/our”), addressing a particular category of participants, specifically designated by the Organizer in accordance with the provisions of these Rules.

The eligible participants in the Program will receive cashback rewards bonuses when using the Twispay Mastercard Debit Card to make eligible purchases at eligible Merchants, as set out in these Rules.

  1. Duration

The Program will start on 18.10.2023 and will run until it is terminated as in accordance with these Rules.

After the end of the Program, the fulfillment of the conditions mentioned in these Rules no longer entitles you to participate in the Program, the Program cashback offer described herein lose that quality and the Organizer will have no responsibility and will assume no obligation whatsoever regarding any circumstance that may lead the public to the conclusion of actuality or continuation of the Program.

  1. Participating Services and Products

The participating products that can be contracted by the participant during the Campaign in order to benefit from a cashback reward bonus are:

  • Twispay Mastercard Debit Card (the “Card”) issued by the Organizer during the Campaign period that is attached to a Standard Mint Account (the Account”).

To earn the cashback rewards you must make a purchase at eligible Merchants by using your Card during the Program duration. You can use a physical or virtual Card and your purchase can be online or in person.

  1. Conditions of Participation and Eligibility

Individuals (18 years of age) who meet the following conditions cumulatively can participate in the Program:

  • European Economic Area (EEA) citizen, domiciled in one of the EEA countries;

  • It is a user of the xPortal Application and have a minimum amount (see the table below) of staked EGLD with the staking providers in the MultiversX blockchain ecosystem;

  • Become a customer of the Organizer, opens an Account with the Organizer and obtains a Card from the Organizer, during the Campaign;

  • Become a customer of Cifralfabeto Lda (the “Exchange Provider”), during the Campaign;

  • Engage in eligible payment transactions with Merchants by using the debit Card issued by the Organizer during the Campaign period (pending transactions will not qualify for cashback rewards until the transaction has been settled);

  • At the time of cashback reward disbursement is an active customer of the Organizer and of the Exchange Provider;

  • Are not subject to any enforcement proceedings and the Account is in good standing;

  • Opening an Account and ordering a Card from the Organizer can be done through our “Cash” Online Interface in the xPortal Application. Please refer to our Fees Page available in the Online Interface to see the fees and charges associated with Card issuance and delivery.

  1. Program Offers. The Cashback Rewards Bonus


EGLD staked

Cashback rewards

Monthly cashback cap





















On each Friday of the week, the cashback rewards generated by completed eligible Card payment transactions that were made more than 30 days ago calculated from the reference day (excluding cashback rewards that have already been transferred) will be transferred, generally within the same day but not later than three business days (“Cashback Transfer Date”), as in accordance with the below terms.

Upon your request, and as in accordance with Section 18 of the Account Personal Terms and Conditions, the cashback rewards that you are entitled to, will automatically be transferred on the Cashback Transfer Date to your Exchange Provider, that will be used by you to purchase virtual assets from the Exchange Provider as in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions between you and your Exchange Provider.

The cashback rewards transfer will be made only provided that the cashback rewards amount is equal or higher than one euro or any other amount that we may decide from time to time.

  1. Excluded Card transactions

The following Card transactions are not considered eligible:

  • Transactions or purchases of, or relating to, financial services, including but not limited to wire transfers, money orders, money transfers, insurance services, insurance sales, insurance underwriting, insurance premiums, cash disbursement, stored value funding, funding of cards and accounts, securities/shares (including through brokers and dealers), bonds, savings bonds;

  • Transactions or purchases of, or relating to, lotteries, gambling or gambling like services, tax payments, and government services, subscriptions;

  • ATM / POS cash withdrawals;

  • Refunded / reversed Card transactions; and

  • Card transactions conducted with excluded Merchant category codes (MCC*) listed below.

*MCC means a Merchant category code and is a four-digit classification code, as defined by the Card Schemes (Mastercard / Visa), that is assigned to a Merchant by the Merchant’s Card Scheme or Merchant Acquirer based on the predominant business activity of the Merchant. We do not assign or have responsibility for the assignment of MCCs or evaluate what MCCs should be assigned to a specific Merchant.

  1. Excluded merchants or channels

Not eligible Card transactions that are excluded from the cashback rewards Program include, but are not limited to, the following merchant categories (MCC) or channels:

MCC Code


Included in this MCC


Merchants classified with this MCC allow transactions in which funds are delivered or made available to a person(s) other than the Mastercard or Maestro cardholder initiating the money transfer at a location other than the location at which the money transfer is initiated.

These transactions include non–face-to-face transactions such as those facilitated through the Internet.

Any fee charged and included in the total transaction amount must be clearly disclosed to the cardholder before completing the transaction.

The acquirer must include the identity and location of the money transfer agent that accepts the card and effects the transaction in the card acceptor descriptor record as the site where the transaction was effected.

  • Money Transfers


Merchants classified with this MCC provide the ongoing generation, transmission, and/or distribution of electric or gas power or other utility services. This MCC also includes merchants that provide water supply system services and merchants primarily engaged in the collection and disposal of refuse.

  • Electric Utilities

  • Garbage Collectors

  • Gas Utilities

  • Public Utilities

  • Sanitary Utilities

  • Services – Electric Utilities

  • Services – Gas Utilities

  • Services – Sanitary

  • Utilities

  • Services – Waste

  • Management

  • Services – Water Utilities

  • Water Utilities

Heating Oil


Merchants classified with this MCC sell computer software programs for business and personal use and may also sell or lease computer hardware or other related products

  • Computer Software Stores


Merchants classified with this MCC sell gifts and novelty items, greeting cards, balloons, souvenirs, holiday decorations, stationery, wrapping paper and bows, photo albums, and a limited selection of office supplies.

  • Memorabilia, Souvenir shops

  • Novelty Shops

  • Gift Shops


Merchants classified with this MCC are associated with Financial Institutions for the purchase of merchandise or services from or the repayment of debts to banks, savings and loans, thrifts, and credit unions. For example, the purchase of checks, other financial products, or promotional merchandise, deposits, the funding of an account, the purchase or reload of a stored-value card, the purchase of foreign currency, non-fiat currency (for example, cryptocurrency), money orders (a negotiable paper-based remittance – not a Money Transfer), travellers cheques, and loan fees or financial counselling service fees. This MCC may also be used for merchants involved in repayment of a debt, loan, or credit card balance by a cardholder to the financial institution.

  • Account Funding - Financial Institution

  • Banks – Financial Institutions - Merchandise, Services

  • Credit Unions – Financial Institutions –Merchandise, Services

  • Deposits – Financial Institutions

  • Merchandise, Services – Financial Institutions

  • Mortgage Companies – Financial Institutions

  • Purchase of Foreign currency, non-fiat currency (for example, cryptocurrency), money orders (Not Money Transfer) and Travelers Cheques –Financial Institution

  • Loan Payments –Financial Institution

  • Savings and Loans –Financial Institutions –Merchandise, Services

  • Services – Banks, Credit Unions, Financial Institutions (Non-Cash)

  • Stored Value Card


Merchants classified with this MCC identifies the purchase, with a Mastercard or Maestro card, of travelers cheques, foreign currency, or money orders, or the use of a Mastercard card to open or fund a deposit account, at a location other than a Mastercard customer financial institution location. This MCC may also be used to identify transactions in which a merchant accepts a Mastercard or Maestro card for payment of an existing debt, such as a private label card or vehicle loan. In addition, this MCC must be used to identify transactions involving the purchase of cryptocurrency.

MCC 6051 may not be used to identify any sale other than as described.

  • Account Funding –(Non-Financial Institutions)

  • Currency – Non-Fiat (for example, Cryptocurrency)

  • Currency – Foreign (Non-Financial Institutions)

  • Exchange – Foreign Currency (Non-Financial Institutions)

  • Foreign Currency (Non-Financial Institutions)

  • Lease Payments

  • Loan Payments

  • Money – Foreign Currency (Non-Financial Institutions)

  • Money Orders – Not Money

  • Transfer (Non-Financial Institutions)

  • Mortgage Companies – (Non-Financial Institutions)

  • Services – Money Order,

  • Travellers Cheques,

  • Foreign Exchange (NonFinancial Institutions)

  • Travellers Cheques (Financial Institutions)

  • Travellers Cheques (Non-Financial Institutions)

  • Quasi Cash


Merchants classified with this MCC are licensed, in all jurisdictions, they sell into to buy, sell and broker securities, stocks, bonds, commodities, and mutual funds.

  • Bond Dealers Brokers – Securities, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Commodities, Bonds

  • Commodity Dealers

  • Dealers – Securities, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Commodities, Bonds

  • Foreign Currency Purchase

  • Licensed Foreign Exchange

  • Trading

  • Binary Options

  • Investment Firms – Dealers, Brokers

  • Mutual Funds

  • Brokers Stock Brokers


Merchants classified with this MCC sell personal or business insurance policies such as automobile, life, health, hospital, medical, and dental insurance, homeowners’ and renters’ insurance, real estate title insurance, pet health insurance and flood, fire, or earthquake insurance.

  • Automobile Insurance – Sales (Non-Direct Marketing)

  • Health Insurance – Sales

  • Homeowners Insurance – Sales

  • Life Insurance – Sales

  • Medical Insurance – Sales

  • Product Warranties

  • Pet health Insurance


Fees charged by merchants engaged in the rental and management of residential and commercial properties, such as real estate agents, brokers, and managers, and apartment rental services. Such fees may include management fees, real estate rental commissions, and real estate rental payments.

  • Real Estate Agents and Managers

  • Rentals


This MCC may be used only to identify Payment Transactions. A Payment Transaction allows Mastercard cardholders to transfer funds to a Mastercard account. A Payment Transaction does not reverse a previous Mastercard purchase transaction and must be authorized by the issuer

  • Payment Transaction - Customer Financial Institution


Merchants classified with this MCC are the ones that identifies a transaction conducted by a card acceptor providing any of the following services:

• A service in which funds are delivered or made available to a person other than the cardholder;

• The loading of funds into an account unless the funds are to be used for sales described by any of the MCCs listed in the paragraph below; or

• The loading of funds onto a stored value or prepaid card (alternatively, the MCC used to identify the primary business of the merchant performing such service may be used).

MCC 6540 may not be used to identify any sale other than as described, including, by way of example and not limitation: gambling transactions (MCC 7995, MCC 7801, or MCC 7802, as appropriate, must be used); videotext transactions (MCC 5967 must be used); the sale of any prescription drug (MCC 5122 or MCC 5912 must be used) or the sale of any tobacco product (MCC

5993 must be used).

The identity and location of the card acceptor must be included in the card acceptor descriptor record as the site where the transaction was effected.

  • Account Funding – (Non-Financial Institutions)

  • Stored Value Card/Load (Non-Financial Institutions)


Merchants classified with this MCC provide computer programming services, systems design, and data processing services on a contract or fee basis. Such services may include computer software design and analysis, software or systems modifications, data entry or data processing, and training in the use of custom software.

  • Computer Software Design

  • Integrated Systems Design Services

  • Computer Programming

  • Data Processing


Merchants classified with this MCC provide professional services that are not classified with a more specific MCC.

  • Appraisers Auction

  • Houses Brokers – Mortgage, Loan

  • Court Stenographer

  • Financial Planners

  • Graphic Designers

  • Guest Speakers and Lecturers

  • Lecturers

  • Market Research Firms

  • Mortgage Brokers

  • Property Appraisers

  • Public Speakers

  • Real Estate Appraisers

  • Research Firms


Government entities that administer and process local, state, and federal fines and penalties, motor vehicle violations, and community or property assessed fines.

  • Fines


Merchants classified with this MCC are local, state, and federal entities that engage in financial administration and taxation including collection of taxes and penalties and custody and disbursement of funds. Such merchants include property tax assessors’ offices, customs bureaus, and state tax commissions.

  • Tax Payments


Merchants classified with this MCC provide general support services to the government such as personnel, auditing, procurement, and building management services, and are not described by another, more specific MCC. Examples include civil rights and civil service commissions, general government accounting offices, general services offices, government supply agencies, police, fire, and motor vehicle departments, and national, state, and city parks. This MCC may also be used to identify U.S. state lottery ticket sales by merchants properly registered with Mastercard as set forth in section 9.4.5 of the Security Rules and Procedures manual. Merchants involved in the sale of goods or services to the government should use the wholesale MCC that best describes the business.

  • Government Services

  • Department of Motor Vehicles

  • Fire Departments

  • Libraries Parks and Recreation

  • Police Departments

  1. Viewing your cashback rewards

Information about your cashback rewards, including estimated cashback rewards earned to date, will be shown in the “Cash” Online Interface in your xPortal Application. Until the cashback rewards are calculated and transferred as per these Rules, any amount of cashback rewards accrual shown in the Application are estimates and may be changed based on adjustments (cancelled transactions, disputed transactions, refunds, or other credits from Merchants) and annulments and cancelations as per these Rules.

  1. Account suspension or closure

If your Account is suspended for any reason: You will not be able to earn cashback rewards during any time your Account is suspended for any reason even if a Card transaction is made that would otherwise be an eligible purchase.

If your Account is closed for any reason: Your participation in the Program will be terminated, you will cease to earn any cashback rewards and any cashback rewards earned but not transferred to your Exchange Provider yet will be forfeited.

If your account with your Exchange Provider is suspended for any reason: Your cashback rewards may not be transferred to your Exchange Provider until your account is reinstated.

If your account is with your Exchange Provider is closed: Your participation in the Program will be terminated, you will cease to earn any cashback rewards and any cashback rewards earned but not yet transferred to your Exchange Provider will be forfeited.

  1. Other legal information

Capitalized terms used but not defined in these Rules shall have the meanings defined in our Account Personal Terms and Conditions and Card Terms and Conditions.

Participants in the Program are required to fully comply with the terms and conditions of these, with all the provisions provided in our Contractual Documentation, including the Account Personal Terms and Conditions and with the Applicable Laws.

You acknowledge that the Program is a promotional program as to which no consideration has been paid to you and that the cashback rewards have no monetary value up to the point we transfer them to your Exchange Provider as in accordance with these Rules and other applicable terms between us. Unless and until the cashback rewards are transferred to your Exchange Provider, no tangible or intangible right, title, or interest in the cashback rewards has been earned.

If required as a result of changes in legislation or if deemed necessary for any other reason, we reserve the right to terminate this Program immediately. Also, we can interrupt or cancel this Program, or change these Rules at any time without notice. We reserve the right to add, modify or delete any benefit, service, or feature of the Program at any time in our sole discretion. Changes to the Program may include, among other things, modifying the cashback reward rates, the applicable caps, modifying eligible purchases and/or Merchant MCCs, excluding transactions, imposing additional restrictions, or terminating the Program. We reserve the right to remove any participant from the Program in the event of fraud or abuse in connection with the Program. We will make a public announcement by displaying any changes regarding the Campaign on the xPortal Application and/or the website. We will try to give you advance notice but will not always.

Events beyond our control may occur that render the awarding of the promotion impossible. Accordingly, we will not be liable for any loss, whether directly or indirectly suffered, as a result of an event outside of our control.

We retain the rights to cancel any cashback rewards you receive during the Campaign under the following circumstances: if the payment that resulted in the cashback is refunded to you, if you obtained the cashback through fraudulent means, if you violate the terms and conditions applicable to your Account and/or Card to gain the cashback, or if we discover that you did not comply with these Rules. The reversal of any cashback transaction will be regarded as having been carried out with your approval, and the payment will be considered authorized by you.

We will not be held liable for any misrepresentation caused due to a copy error, typing error and/or omission that may occur on any of our campaign material.

If you close your Account or your Account becomes suspended or restricted between the time of qualifying for cashback rewards and receiving cashback, then the cashback will be lost.

We will process your personal data in line with our Privacy Notice that applies to your Account which you can find here or in the “Cash” Online Interface in your xPortal Application.

These Rules are concluded in English language. The language for the communication between you and us can be Romanian or English.

To the extent permitted by law, these Rules shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Romania. Despite this, you can still rely on the mandatory consumer protection rules of the EEA country where you live. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Rules shall exclusively be submitted to and dealt with by the competent court in Romania (or in the courts of any EU Member State where you reside).

Any questions or concern related to our Program and these Rules may be addressed via the “Chat with us” function in the Application or at

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