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xPortal Multi-Wallet
xPortal Multi-Wallet
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You have one wallet for your ESDTs and a different wallet for your EGLD. Then you have one wallet for collecting NFTs and one for interacting with DeFi. One for BTC and one for ETH. But you know what? It doesn’t matter because all the hassle of managing multiple wallets is now gone!

With the launch of our Multiple-Wallets feature you can easily import, switch between and manage all your wallets in xPortal, with just a few taps. Gone are the days of switching between different apps, or even different devices to access and manage your assets. Now you can bring them all under one seamless interface.

How easy is it? As easy as it gets:

  • Tap on your Avatar or the Main Wallet card on the Home Screen

  • Tap the Add new wallet option and import a secondary wallet with your secret phrase or iCloud/Google Drive backup

  • Name your wallet

Three phones showing how to use the Multiple Wallets feature

12-word phrase support is also enabled so users have the option of adding secondary wallets from outside the MultiversX ecosystem. For instance you can import phrases from wallets like Metamask or TrustWallet and see and manage all the tokens currently listed in xPortal, including native ETH, BTC, BNB, and others.

While you can import as many secondary wallets as you’d like, you'll be able to use only one at a time. The name of the active wallet will always be displayed on the Home Screen, and you can easily switch to another wallet by tapping it.

Some important aspects to keep in mind:

You can’t add secondary wallets that have a guardian enabled, only the main wallet can be guarded:

  • The card showing in the Cash section will be the card from the main wallet regardless of the wallet that you are on

  • Crypto top-ups can only be done from the main wallet at this time

  • Additional functionalities and improvements for the feature will be added progressively

Simplifying interactions and enhancing user experience are two powerful drivers that lie at the very heart of everything that we are trying to achieve with xPortal. The Multi-Wallet feature acts as a great catalyser for both.

Feedback played a significant role in bringing this feature live today and we are sure it can help us make it even better. If you have any questions, encounter any issues or want to share your thoughts on how we can improve, we are one chat/email away. Reach out to our support team in-app or via email at

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