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Daily XP claim on the blockchain
Daily XP claim on the blockchain
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How does it work?

On-chain claim XP has been created to improve the current offline XP claim. This benefits the ecosystem by generating new transactions and also can be a filter for active addresses inside xPortal.

NOTE: After the on chain claim is implemented we will remove the option to claim the offline XP completely.

First time claim

When you enter the Play section after the app update, a slide presentation with the changes will start. Read them carefully and sync your current streak.

The next epoch after you synced, you will be able to start signing transactions to claim XP.

Each transaction will require a network fee in order to be successful.

Cooldown timer

On-chain XP claim comes with the advantage of being one time per epoch, rather than having one claim per user’s local time day.


  • Get rewards for daily streaks and NFTs for streak repairs

  • Enhanced user gamification system

  • Everything on-chain. Keeping fake accounts away

  • Increased transaction volumes on-chain, nurturing a healthier network and thriving ecosystem

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