Cross-Chain Swaps
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The ability to exchange assets easily across different blockchain networks is key in delivering a smooth experience. xPortal with it's user-friendly interface, makes it possible to exchange any token regardless of the chain they are on. That's the power of cross-chain technology.

A few things to consider before engaging in swapping assets cross-chain:

  • Working with different blockchains, especially slower ones, means swaps can take longer than what we're used to on MultiversX.

  • Transferring tokens across blockchains also means you'll need a balance of the native coin to cover network fees. For example, if you're moving ESDT tokens, you must have EGLD in your wallet to pay the fees. ERC-20 tokens transactions require ETH, and so on.

  • Due to longer completion times for these transactions, price fluctuations can impact the expected amount received. Sometimes, this volatility can work in your favor, resulting in more assets than initially anticipated, however, there's also a risk of receiving less.

You can find more details about the fees & rates, here.

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