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The 2FA guardian contains 4 steps that are required to be completed in order to activate the 2FA guardian on the wallet. However, if the user already has an invisible guardian active on the wallet, the 2FA setup will be reduced to 3 setup steps, this applies the other way (2FA active and invisible has 3 steps)

The reason behind the 3 step required for a guardian setup when one type of guardian is active, is because the user has completed the 20-day cooldown period for a guardian, switching to a different guardian no longer requires a 20 day cooldown period.

Setup Google Authenticator the user is required to setup an account in the google authenticator app using the information provide from this step.

1. Enable on blockchain: as soon as the first step is completed, step 2 is enabled and this will ask the user to sign a transaction in order to start the blockchain process and initialize the third step of the setup

2. Cooldown 20 days: once the transaction from the second step is completed, the cooldown process will start and the user has to wait 20 days for this to completed.

3. Activate 2FA: the final step of the setup will request a second transaction from the user that will complete the setup and enable the 2FA guardian on the wallet once the transaction is processed.

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