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What is a Gift Card?
What is a Gift Card?
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Gift Cards are the coolest gift one could possibly offer to someone. The coolest way of saying "I love you!"," I miss you!", "Happy Birthday!", "Merry Christmas!" or pretty much anything one wishes to convey.

You can send any amount of EGLD or ESDTs you own to your friends and family members (including wrapped stablecoins or BTC), and the best part about it is that you can even send it to people who don't have xPortal installed yet.

The fees for both creation of the card and claiming the gift are pre-paid by the sender, so that receivers who don't have a wallet yet or don't own any EGLD can claim their gifts hassle-free.

Upon creation, the sender can select the amount of time the gift card will be eligible for, the token and the amount they wish to send, a front cover for the gift card and a message to be displayed on the back of the card.

Once created, the gift card can be seamlessly shared through a link.

We are the happiest when we give and The xPortal Gift Cards make gifting crypto easy and fun!

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