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How can I delete my xPortal account?
How can I delete my xPortal account?
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Information written on the blockchain is immutable, so it’s not possible to delete your wallet address. You can unlink your wallet from your phone number using the “Unlink wallet” option from xPortal -> Settings and uninstall the app. The wallet created for you will continue to exist for as long as the blockchain lives.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting Your Data

  • Start by opening the application on your device. Once the application is open, go to the settings menu. In the settings screen, search for the ‘Unlink’ options.

  • Select the unlink option next to any linked data or services you wish to disconnect from your account. Confirm any prompts that ask if you’re sure you want to proceed with unlinking.

  • After unlinking your account from other services, return to the initial screen of the application.

  • Look for a chat icon, ‘Help,’ ‘Support,’ or ‘Contact Us’ section within the application. Once in the support or help section, start a new conversation or help request using Intercom. In the chat, clearly state that you want to request data deletion. Provide any necessary information, such as your user ID, email address, or account name.

  • The support team may ask you to verify your identity. This could be through answering security questions, confirming via email, or providing proof of identity.

  • After you’ve submitted your request, wait for a confirmation from the support team. They should provide you with information on the next steps, the timeframe for deletion, or any additional actions you need to take.

  • If you do not hear back within the expected timeframe, follow up with the support team for updates on the status of your data deletion request.

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