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How does Inviting & Earning work?
How does Inviting & Earning work?
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The Invite & Earn Program has been created to reward the users of xPortal for doing what they were already doing - recommending xPortal to their families, friends and followers.

NOTE: Before reading further, it’s important to note that only NEW users that join from your referral link/code are counted when earning rewards. Users that previously had xPortal (or the app before) or users that may have previously used other referral codes, will not be counted.

There are a couple ways to earn crypto through the xPortal Invite & Earn Program:

  • Referrers: You can invite your friends or followers to install and join xPortal. If the users haven’t had xPortal (or the app before) before, you will be eligible to earn awesome rewards such as:

    • Unlock cool features: create your avatar with AI when you invite at least 3 brand new friends who have never used the app in the past;

    • We’ll move you up the MultiversX Card queue by 5000 places for each invited friend that joined xPortal and has never had an account before;

    • You’ll earn 100% of our commission every time your invitees buy EGLD in the first year;

    • Your invitees will receive a one time gift of 5$ in EGLD when they purchase at least $100 worth of EGLD. The purchase of EGLD, for the one-time cashback reward, must be made within 30 days of the new user registration made with a referral link/code.

    • +300 XP for every new invitee that joins xPortal if they purchase at least $100 worth of EGLD. Max 10 invitees per day.

  • Invitees: You will receive 5$ in EGLD when you purchase at least $100 worth of EGLD. You need to use a valid referral code when you first create your account, in order to be eligible for this reward and to not have previously had an account with the same phone number that you used at registration.

How do you know if a user is new or if they had an account before?

We ask for the phone number at registration for each new account created. If the users have previously used the phone number to create an account on xPortal (or the app before), then we don’t count such users as “new users” or “new invitees”.

When do I get my rewards?

All rewards are sent once a week. You can also check the Invite & Earn Rewards screen where there is a history of all reward payments and your pending rewards. Once the rewards are sent, the pending rewards count will be reset to 0.

Invite & Earn rewards are anonymous and say only that there’s a pending referral reward awaiting payout.

How do I get my rewards?

All rewards (cashback and referral) are sent in EGLD and will be sent directly into the xPortal address associated with your referral code/link.

The EGLD to U.S. dollar exchange rate for each weekly rewards payment shall be the EGLD Coins to USDT exchange rate as reported by at 11:59pm UTC time on the day immediately preceding the payment date, as determined by xPortal in good faith.

What purchases qualify for the referral program?

Only purchases made via MoonPay, Transak and Ramp in the xPortal app are eligible.

The purchase of EGLD, for the one-time cashback reward, must be made within 30 days of registration with a referral link.

Purchases for referral rewards must be made during the first year following the registration of those referred.

The Terms & Conditions of the Referral Program can be found here as part of the User Agreement and Terms.

Who is eligible for the Referral Program?

The Referral Program can only be applied to new accounts that used a referral code when they created the account. The referral code cannot be changed or added after the account was created.

The cashback reward offer expires 30 days after account creation if no purchase of EGLD is made.

How do I register with a referral link?

Simply click on a referral link, this will take you to the App Store or Google Play. After you install xPortal, you should see “Referral code applied” during the registration process.

If you clicked on the link and did not see “Referral code applied” on the phone number entry screen, you will have to enter the referral code manually. Tap on “Have a referral code?” and apply the referral code or the invitation link there.

How much can I earn?

Referrers receive 100% of xPortal’s commissions on all purchases made by your referrals for one year following their registration, if your referrals buy EGLD, and 50% of xPortal’s commissions for all other crypto (excluding EGLD).

As an invitee, you can get a one-time reward of the equivalent of 5 USD in EGLD when you purchase 100 USD or more of EGLD. The 100 USD threshold can be "unlocked" with a single purchase or multiple purchases.

xPortal's commission is 0.5% on purchases made with a credit card or bank transfers. Thus, you are eligible for 0.5% of every purchase of EGLD your referrals make no matter how much they buy, for one year following their registration. You are also eligible for 0.25% of every purchase of any other crypto besides EGLD your referrals make for 1 year after they sign up.

You may notice that the total purchase fees is higher than xPortal’s commission because it includes additional payment processing fees, including for example network fees for transferring crypto, fees charged by our third-party payment provider. These fees are not eligible for this referral program.

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